Kingdome Hearts 3 E3 Trailer  I hate Square Enix. But at the same time I can't help but to forgive them and just get hyped over and over again on their trailers. Knowing how slow Square has been these past few years, it will come as no surprise that Kingdom Hearts 3 might take a good 2 years before … Continue reading Kingdome Hearts 3 E3 Trailer



Fundamentally the challenge for current leaders and public sector organisations is the legacy thinking and a business model which is rooted in serving a de facto purpose which is disconnected from the people and places the organisation or leaders serve – Carl Haggerty Yesterday I chaired an event where the CEO of HACT , […] via … Continue reading Test

Currently Playing: Final Fantasy VI Advance

A good discussion on one of the defining generations of the JRPG genre. Final Fantasy VI is truly a benchmark of detailed storytelling that separates the FF series from Dragon Quest. It’s FF’s best story told in very a very effective way.

Nothing beats good storytelling and a well developed villain.


Final Fantasy 6 aka Final Fantasy III aka Everyone’s Favorite Final Fantasy (unless its FF7, FF9, FFX, or FF…).  Whatever you call it, FF6 has become one of gaming’s historical icons as a great JRPG brought to the West along with the likes of Chrono Trigger that helped usher in the excitement of other Japanese titles.

It’s been forever since I’ve touched FF6, so I figured now I would finally sit down and complete the remake for Gameboy Advance.  I’ve never beaten the Advance version so I’ve been excited to actually get through it in its entirety.

Banon Introduction Final Fantasy 6

So I busted out the old Gameboy Advance which I haven’t used in awhile (I think it was last used for Superstar Saga).  The built-in backlight was one of the better ideas in handheld gaming.

Anyway, I got started playing the timeless classic.  What hit me first was the music – even in…

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