Did you play Final Fantasy? Have you heard of Final Fantasy?

Of course you did. Every kid that had a Playstation or heard of the Playstation came across these two F words one way or another.

And this day at E3, the world was broken into obliteration after every single fan across the globe screamed one gigantic F word in chorus at the announcement of Final Fantasy VII’s remake. I, for one, am still screaming uncontrollably with tears gushing down my eyes under a euphoria of extreme satisfaction at the moment of this writing.

I fucking love Final Fantasy VII.

I know that there a lot of controversies when it comes to FFVII as a whole mostly because of its erratic fan base. But let’s keep in mind that these reactions, or these “fans” are acting like this because the game was that phenomenal.

It sent ripples across the world when it first came out and I can dare say that FFVII is the game that defined Playstation One as a whole, therefore, it can be said that it is one of the games responsible for the rise of the Playstation console. It defined a massive part of console gaming and video games as we know it today. From the story, to characters, and the jump of innovation from 2D to 3D which was a pretty big deal back then. Imagine a kid who knew nothing but 2D sprites getting slapped in the face with a 3D version of his favorite game. It was that good at the time.


And ever since then, everyday, like literally every 24 hours, you can see fans on forums, social media sites, and other platforms begging for a remake ever since the release of the Playstation 2. It went on for years and Square Enix was pretty much apathetic to the cries of the masses.

Instead, Square Enix ventured a path of… let’s say… awkward adolescence. It’s like Square Enix was a prodigal child from Final Fantasy 1 up to 10 and upon reaching the age of 12 it reached a maturity stage where it is conflicted about life, dragons, who to date, what classes to attend, and what games to play.

Thus we were given these awkward teenage stage kind of games in the likes of FFXII, FFXIII, FFXIV, weird mobile games, spin-offs, a bald guy, and a classy girl with a bow and arrow jumping across ledges.


Not to say that these games are not good, in fact they are very good especially FFXII (more on that on another article). But you see, these games do not feel like Square Enix at all. They’ve lost the charm that they had, the niche that defined the company. These were good games yes, but these were not “Square Enix” games.

This situation continued for years. Fans begging for a remake, or begging for Square Enix to come back to its roots and Square Enix just continuing to explore what else it can do and where it can go.

Previous E3s were good for Square Enix though, Final Fantasy XV and Kingdom Hearts III announcements also sent ripples across the globe. Gaining fanboy screams and squeals. At that moment Square Enix was finally getting back. But we are still skeptical about it and accepted it with a “we’ll see” attitude.

But then… the unexpected happened.

E3 2015… The big stage monitors flashed with reminiscent green flowy things. The screen showed a desacrated steam punk city with a rail system and a kid with green glowing eyes.


The narrator spoke in an ominous voice, hinting about a reunion or a forgotten promise.

“The reunion at hand may bring joy, it may bring fear, but let us embrace whatever it brings”

Finally… a memorable sound played and the memories came flashing back.

“For they are coming back”

We see a dark place, with soldiers and a fair hint of technology. We are in the middle of Midgard.


And that’s Cloud with the legendary Buster Sword on his back.

“At last… the promise has been made”

And the world exploded into tiny bits of euphoria… and the time-space continuum forever disrupted at the sound of the fans screaming in joy.

We have waited for years, begged for years, dreamed for years.

And it’s finally here. Thank you Square Enix, Thank you Final Fantasy, we’re glad to see you back.



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