TLDR: We were doing Inquisition at the time and it got too busy. Just click the link above for Reddit’s full discussion.

Mike Laidlaw, Lead Designer of Dragon Age II, cleared up the long mystery of Exalted March’s disappearance.

It was speculated by the community (and frankly, following the game’s progression) that Exalted March would pick up after the Mage vs. Templar clash at the city of Kirkwall, tossing Hawke and his friends on a post civil war quest of fixing and mending the the city.

Personally, I think it would have been a good expansion. Dragon Age II’s ending left too much for the imagination.

Well, that can be said for the whole game. DA2 was a huge leap from saving the world to saving a politically corrupt city and fans have a love it or hate it reception for it. I actually kind of liked what BioWare did with Hawke’s journey – containing it in a realistic struggle within one place, emphasizing the characters more than the grand story.

Sadly, Aside from Varric, Origins did that better than DA2 too.

Okay I’ll stop right there before I get the hellish flames of the internet.


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