Just look at that glorious picture of cel-shaded adventurers. What a terrible day to have a headache, oh poor me.

Dragon Quest VIII, often heralded as the best game in one of the best JRPG series is now released on the 3DS. Yeah, you read that right. You can now buy Dragon Quest VIII on your favorite retailer once you step out of your home.

Dragon Quest always had a shaky reception in the west but Dragon Quest VIII changed that. Dragon Quest VIII released years ago on the PS2 initially partnered with a Final Fantasy title just to get some attention and to the surprise of the whole west, Dragon Quest VIII was actually one of the best games to ever hit the system.

The 3DS version is not only a port but also a remake with new features, content, and even new story.

Dragon Quest VIII is a  departure from DQ 1-7. It was developwed with Level 5 which resulted into a huge change in tone, style, and storytelling. Personally, I think the change did them good – DQ 8 feels responsive compared to the older titles and just feels more detailed and alive. I’ll probably do a review when I get my hands on the game and start feeling better.

Here is Arekkz’s view on the 3ds Version.


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