It’s E3 month again baby. It’s that time of the year again where developers get to hype everybody and give them more promises that will probably never happen (fuck you Square Enix).

But of course, we’re still gonna watch it right?

For better or for worse, here are five things that I want to see in this year’s mega hype train.




Capcom is kind of a douchebag when it releases the same game on two different platforms. It happened with Tri and now it’s happening with XX.

But of course I’ll forgive them because Monster Hunter is one of the few technical games I enjoy along with Dark Souls.

Lo and behold, Monster Hunter XX on Switch. 1080p, 60 FPS goodness.

With new mechanics centering around doing counters, a new weapon (a keg looking thingy), and a new monster (the jetplane dragon, awesome), XX is shaping up to be a better version of X… of course.

Aside from a few gimmicks, the Monster Hunter formula is still the same. I’m just glad to see that it still holds up as one of the prime of the Japanese video game industry.


God of War 4


One thing I’ve noticed with God of War 4’s trailers these few months is that it looks quite different in art direction. Old God of War titles always felt cartoonish with an arcade beat-em-up feel to it. This time it looks a bit more realistic with its slower but more tactical looking combat.

I mean just look at it. It looks a lot more like modern day 3D Open World RPGs than an adventure game.

Not that I’m complaining though, God of War has a rich lore (It’s greek myth ffs) that can be truly fleshed out in today’s technology.


Bloodborne 2


Ahh. Good old Yarnam

it took me a long time to fully appreciate how revolutionary Bloodborne was. The genre that From Software itself created with its Souls games is already pretty revolutionary by itself. Bloodborne revolutionized the revolution. (I like my pseudo-intellectual wordplays)

I now acknowledge that it’s the best Souls game.

It innovated its gameplay by REMOVING a feature. Just think about that. It’s like removing tires from cars and somehow it works better.

If that same concept is applied to Bloodborne 2 then I’m all aboard with it.


Project Octopath


Square my old friend.

Recently, the Final Fantasy developer announced a project: an open-ended JRPG. From the trailers, it appears like a pseudo-Etrian Odyssey with more narrative options. I for one, am looking forward specifically because of how beautiful its artwork looks like.

Little information is available at the moment and I’m hoping that Square will reveal more in the next coming days. Do it my man, don’t let Atlus stay on the throne.


2k Games aka Borderlands or Bioshock


I’m a sucker for 2k FPS games. It’s the only FPS games that I truly enjoy.

Something about their games speaks art. From the cel-shaded graphics to witty engrossing characters. It’s like watching a Pixar film only with gore and a tinge of existential crisis.

They are also crazy good at making FPS mechanics and combining them with different gameplay elements like magic.

If 2k games will reveal another BioShock or Borderlands, or heck a new IP with the same quality of mechanics, please count me in.


The Last of Us 2


It stole the crowd on the last Playstation Experience and I can see it making waves this coming E3.

Something I already expected from the game that is heralded as the crowning achievement of the last generation. Straight up from the royalty of game development, Naughty Dog, I only expect the best reveal from one of the most ground-breaking titles that I’ve ever experienced in this lifetime.

The Last of Us was a work of art and a lot is expected from The Last of Us 2.

One thing about Naughty Dog: They gods at making sequels. 

I wanna see how they top a masterpiece.


Suikoden 6


With the release of Switch, game developers are all on full gear launching announcements about their projects that they want to cram in the tiny little thing. One particular company caught my attention: Konami. Why? Suikoden.

It’s been almost ten years since we last saw the title floating the radar. Suikoden was always heralded as the most underrated JRPG and it’s pretty damn right.

Suikoden 2 to be specific was an eternal gem of a game. It’s so good and timeless that I was playing it just a few weeks ago before Fire Emblem Echoes came. It’s systems are still pretty good and can easily pass off as a modern day, 16-bit indie RPG. A tale of friendship, betrayal, adventure, growth, and kingdoms against kingdoms… you know, the usual but in top-notch quality.

Just watch ProJared’s review on the thing. (Skip to the last part)

Given how shady Konami is becoming and how Suikoden is pretty much dead to its eyes, my hopes for Suikoden VI ever releasing in my lifetime is pretty dim… still, I got to see Persona 5 before I died so I guess this is possible too?

Do it Konami, I don’t care how corrupted you are. Just give me the damn thing.

I know that E3 is just a hype train to raise some attention for developers. But I’d still probably binge watch it and go nuts about it.

Stay tuned I’ll probably do a live coverage… maybe.

Oh how can I forget.




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