I hate Square Enix.

But at the same time I can’t help but to forgive them and just get hyped over and over again on their trailers.

Knowing how slow Square has been these past few years, it will come as no surprise that Kingdom Hearts 3 might take a good 2 years before it graces my puny mancave with its presence. To give context, I played Kingdom Hearts 2 when I was still in High School and now I’m a working man.

I’ll probably see it when I have a kid.

Anywho, in the latest trailer we see more gameplay features. Obviously set in Olympus hinting toward 2.8’s ending where Sora trains with Herc, we see a broader look at how the gameplay is designed: bigger fields and more ginormous special effects powered by the next-gen Unreal engine… or is it Frostbite? Not sure.

We also see the three main elemental spells of every Square Enix game: Blizzard, Fire, and Thunder as well as some slick aerial combat that the series was always known far.

Just a retrospect: even with all of its new gimmicks, the gameplay is pretty much still the same at its core – a testament as to how it was far ahead of its time when it first released on the PS2. It’s just cool seeing how gameplay from a decade ago is still this much on-par with the next-gen titles.

Looks like we’ll see more trailers by July. If anything, this gives us more things to look out for in Square’s presentation.

See you there!

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